April 11, 2017

     Your body is part of an interconnected whole.  You are endowed with the ability to think, to feel, to hear, to see, to taste, to smell, to touch, to love, to laugh and to connect with the world an others around you.  The human body is the highest expression of Natures' creation.  Its function is nothing short of miraculous.  Your body is an expression of who you are, a complete package of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

     Please enjoy Walt Whitman's exquisite verse, written in 1855, on the Sacred Nature of body & soul, the truth of who you are.  With his words, Walt Whitman connects you back to that which you know, but also that which is often overlooked in a world filled with "technologic" advance.  Optimal health relies on your DIRECT EXPERIENCE, the true teacher.  Your direct experience is your DIRECT CONNECTION to the SACRED.   

Walt Whitman, 1855

I sing the body electric, 

The armies of those I love engirth me and...

March 12, 2015

     Water.  Two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, a marriage of the hottest gas and the coldest gas.  Without water, life as we know it in a human body, a planetary body and a universal body would not be possible.  Water is the lifeblood of existence.  Water is the transportation system for raw materials, waste products and electricity throughout all of creation.  Water covers 70% of the earth’s surface and is 60-70% of the volume of a healthy human being.  99% of the molecules in the human body are H2O. 

     Far from being a passive transportation system, however, water is an active participant in all of life’s functions.  According to Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Hungarian scientist considered the father of modern biochemistry, water is life’s matrix and life’s medium.  This means that water supports the structure of life and facilitates the interchange of energy between systems, including organic and inorganic matter.  Water functions...

January 10, 2015

     To ring in this New Year of 2015, I have decided to follow a format that is quite different from previous articles, in part to honor a request from my patients and in another part to share a story, which I hope will prove as valuable to others as it has been to me.  So, this article is less about teaching scientific principles and more about bonding on an emotional and experiential level, a place that can be just understood, without the need for interpretation or even words.

     I am the second of five children, born just a year apart and raised in a small town in western Nebraska.  My father was the consummate general practitioner, doing everything from setting broken bones, to removing inflamed gallbladders, to delivering the final three of his own children, and responding to an emergency call for his best friend who, as it turned out, he could not revive after a massive heart attack.  My mother was a registered nurse, who tended to patients on the ward and who wa...

September 11, 2014

     Who doesn’t want energy to spare and a normal weight, with strong muscles and strong bones, without excess body fat, without hunger, without cravings and without effort?  So much so that Americans spend upwards of $60 billion dollars every year on diet pills, weight loss supplements, gym memberships, diet foods and diet drinks.  Another $750 million is spent on an annual basis for energy drinks.  There are an estimated 100 million daily coffee drinkers spending $18 billion dollars per year on coffee and coffee drinks.  For 65% of these coffee drinkers, a cup of coffee in the morning is an absolute necessity to get up and get moving and to be more productive at work.  With all the resources devoted to having energy and a normal weight, why are Americans tired all the time and always struggling with weight issues?  Because diet pills, diet foods, diet drinks, energy drinks, gym memberships and stimulants are not addressing the root cause of the problem.  Why continue to walk down a...

August 12, 2014

     There’s a great video making the internet rounds of late, produced by Jimmy Kimmel.  A reporter goes to the streets of Los Angeles, asking random people if they are gluten-free and if so, to define gluten.  Among the answers are:  (1) I don’t know, (2) gluten is a flour derivative, (3) it’s in bread and pastries, (4) it’s a grain, right?, and (5) it’s in wheat such as bread, pasta and rice.  Perhaps, the most telling is the answer given by a person who stopped eating gluten at the suggestion of her roommate who was “reading a book about it” and says, “it makes you fat!”, without any idea how to define gluten. The video clip is funny, yet seriously disturbing at the same time.  People are making decisions about health and nutrition lifestyle based on hearsay or the latest and greatest trend for weight loss, without having even the remotest idea about why or how.  Weight loss and “being thin” are equated with being healthy.  Diet and exercise regimens, often promoted by celebrities,...

July 12, 2014

     Information abounds on how to live a healthy life.  Advice columns, recipes, scientific studies, testimonies, print articles, affirmations, advertisements and anecdotes flood the senses and sensibilities of everyday life.  The information is often confusing and conflicting.  And it is not uncommon for information revealed years or even months earlier to be contradicted by the next discovery. What is a person to think or do?  Pondering this question through the lens of human history is a good place to start. 

     Human beings have never been healthy.   From the beginning of time, humans have had to carve out an existence under extremely harsh and dangerous conditions.  Scavenging and foraging was part of day to day life.  Prehistoric man was short in stature, infertile and not alive for very long, often dying in the first year of life.  It is well documented that the discovery of fire allowed humans to become more fertile, grow taller, have b...

March 11, 2014

There is far more to most things than meets the eye, the function of the human body being one of them.  Most of what happens with respect to the creation and maintenance of daily life occurs outside the realm of sensory perception.  Taste, hearing, sight, smell and touch help a person to experience the power and magnificence of Mother Nature, but provide little ability to comprehend the organization and function of the universe.  Making sense of it all comes from the realm of the mind, an ethereal part of existence with an innate desire to answer the important questions of “who, what, when, where, why and how?  Driven by an unquenchable thirst, mankind has continually advanced in knowledge, gradually making sense out of the seemingly unknowable and organizing what seems to be chaos.  To be optimally healthy, a person must absorb and apply accumulated knowledge of both the seen and the unseen worlds that surround, contain and define life, especially electricity.


February 11, 2014

     From the dawn of civilization, life in a human body has not been easy.  Meeting basic needs for clean air, clean water and non-poisonous food has been and continues to be a struggle for planet Earth’s population.  As no written records exist of the several million years prior to 4000 - 5000 BCE, life on earth for early humans can only be imagined.  Ancient human ancestors were hunters, gatherers, scavengers and foragers, dependent on insects, leftovers from the kill of beasts, or leaves, roots, flowers, bark and berries from surrounding vegetation.  Early food experiments must have involved trial and error, with any given person becoming a “guinea pig”, likely driven by intense starvation.  These experiments may have ended in a quick death, accompanied by profuse vomiting, diarrhea or bleeding, the result of acute food poisoning, or a slow, painful death accompanied by weight loss, loss of strength and loss of mind.  Slow death was the result of malnutrition or parasite, worm, fun...

January 12, 2014

     Every living organism takes earth, air, fire and water and through a complex series of chemical reactions, creates a structure, one cell at a time, which gives the organism a specific shape and a specific function.  Within earth, air, fire and water are basic elements identified in the periodic chart of elements by unique combinations of atomic energy:  protons, neutrons and electrons.  The elements have been given names such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, selenium, cadmium, lithium, barium, iodine, tellurium, radium, lead, and mercury, etc.  These basic elements are used by plants, animals, humans and microbes in thousands of enzyme driven chemical reactions to make chemical structures called primary metabolites:  nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and fat.  Nucleic acids are made from carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorous.  Proteins are made from carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur.  Carbohydra...

December 12, 2013

     All life started with chemistry, the science of action, reaction, combination, separation and creation.  Enzymes make chemical reactions happen fast and at temperatures lower than would otherwise be required.  Without enzymes, human life, and all other organic life for that matter, is not possible. Enzymes are the machinery in every cell of every organ in the human body.  Enzymes coordinate the process of reducing food to essential nutrients, reduce or eliminate chemical toxins by breaking these molecules apart, produce everything made by each cell, maintain the integrity of the cell membrane and the organelles inside the cell (Figure 1), and direct cell growth and repair. 

                                                                      Figure 1

     Enzymes participate in ch...

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"I Sing the Body Electric"

April 11, 2017

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