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Water, Much more than H2O

Water. Two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, a marriage of the hottest gas and the coldest gas. Without water, life as we know it in a human body, a planetary body and a universal body would not be possible. Water is the lifeblood of existence. Water is the transportation system for raw materials, waste products and electricity throughout all of creation. Water covers 70% of the earth’s surface and is 60-70% of the volume of a healthy human being. 99% of the molecules in the human body are H2O.

Far from being a passive transportation system, however, water is an active participant in all of life’s functions. According to Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Hungarian scientist considered the father of modern biochemistry, water is life’s matrix and life’s medium. This means that water supports the structure of life and facilitates the interchange of energy between systems, including organic and inorganic matter. Water functions as a solvent, a substance that is able to dissolve solid matter into liquid form and turn minerals into ions, which are substances carrying an electrical charge. Liquefying solids and creating ions is what allows raw materials and energy to be exchanged between living systems. And since all life is dependent on nutrient and energy exchange, there is no life without water.

In addition to functioning as a solvent, water functions as a solute, which chemically means that hydrogen and oxygen atoms carry an electrical charge and separate from each other or combine in specific shapes besides H2O, acting as an integral component of acid/base reactions, chemical reactions and oxidation/reduction reactions inside every cell in the body. These unique properties of a water molecule allow it to function as the battery of the body. If an electrical charge in water is not maintained inside all cells, electricity in the body is compromised and cellular function ceases. Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, sees water as practically synonymous with energy, suggesting the following formula: E = H2O.

Despite the fundamental role water plays in supporting life, most people are dehydrated, including those suffering with any kind of illness or disease. All disease is associated with lack of water inside cells and hardening of tissues: hardening of blood vessels with high blood pressure and diabetes, hardening of the thyroid gland with goiter and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hardening of the joints with arthritis, hardening and drying in the brittle bones of osteoporosis, hardening of the brain with Alzheimer’s disease, hardening of the intestines with constipation, reflux and irritable bowel, hardening of soft tissues with scleroderma or lupus, hardening of the lens with cataracts, hardening of the uterus with fibroids or hardening of any organ with a cancerous growth. Any person with any kind of disease is dehydrated.

Why is it then, with water in abundance, especially in the United States, that there is a growing burden of dehydration and chronic disease? In the first place, people are generally drinking anything but water and in the second place, water being consumed does not hold an electrical charge or have the capacity to hydrate the cells. It is critical to understand that coffee, tea, sodas, juices, beer, wine, hard liquor, milk, smoothies, energy drinks, liquid meals, liquid supplements and flavored waters, i.e. anything other than water, even though the beverage may be made with water, is not water. Any non-water beverage contains hundreds to thousands of chemicals, natural and otherwise and is processed as food. Chemical processing requires water, which will be taken from the cells, if water is not coming in from the outside. So, any beverage being consumed that is not water is dehydrating at the cellular level. As the cells become more and more dehydrated, they have less and less ability to produce messages that signal a desire for water. This means people who are the most dehydrated are also not thirsty for water and for the most part do not even like its taste. Dehydrated cells are functioning only at minimal levels, incapable of sustaining optimal health. Cells in drought have lost the ability to even process water; therefore there is an aversion to drinking water. How then to reverse this situation and keep the cells optimally hydrated, allowing optimal cell function?

Figure 1

A water molecule has the unique capacity to store energy in the chemical bonds that bind hydrogen and oxygen atoms together. Water gets energy from its environment, primarily the sun (Figure 1). The sun’s electromagnetic energy builds energy in water, which is then translated into work in living organisms, including the human body. Water can also be “charged” by other energy sources, such as sound, other types of infrared light, atmospheric pressure, gravitational force or the centrifugal force of a vortex. When water is “energized” in this manner, the structure of water changes, separating the negative charge of the oxygen atom from the positive charge of the hydrogen atoms into something called an Exclusion Zone (EZ). The EZ across biological membranes, such as an artery or a vein or a cell, functions as a battery (Figure 2). As long as the battery is continually charged, there is energy and electricity to run cellular machinery. And when electricity is sustained and maintained, flow patterns inside the body move in a spiraling motion towards the center, just like a tornado or a hurricane. This is called centripetal flow.

Figure 2

Careful observation of natural phenomena reveals that centripetal flow patterns, also known as implosion or vortex flow, are self-sustaining and self-purifying, capable of neutralizing and transforming toxins and pathogens. Blood and other fluids in a healthy body move in a spiraling flow, toward the center, keeping cell nutrients, electrolytes, toxic chemicals, microbial toxins and the waste products of internal chemical reaction constantly stirred, mixed, dissolved and circulating, which allows uninterrupted and unimpeded flow to keep cells working and get waste out of the body (Figure 3). When electrical charge is not maintained, flow patterns reverse, spattering nutrients, electrolytes, toxic chemicals, microbial toxins, cellular waste and cellular debris to the outside of the wall of the cell or circulating vessel, with no place to go except to add layer upon layer of unprocessed organic matter in the pipe, eventually calcifying and completely blocking flow and circulation. This calcifying debris is stagnant organic matter which serves as compost for all sorts of pathogenic microbes. When flow patterns reverse to outward-directed, centrifugal flow, biologic function disintegrates, charting a course to acute AND chronic disease.

Healthy blood flow in an artery is centripetal

Figure 3

Water as electricity and water as energy is of fundamental and critical importance in maintaining centripetal flow and centripetal force in an optimally healthy system. Water, functioning as a battery in the human body, also called “energized water”, is the only kind of water capable of maintaining centripetal flow. Energized water has speed. Energized water molecules travel at 642 m/sec (meters/second). Energized water has power. Energized water facilitates biochemical activity at the speed of light. Energized water keeps the enzyme machinery inside of all cells operating at optimal levels.

When water is artificially processed in any way, going through multiple stages of filtering, passing through underground pipes with multiple turns, alkalized, artificially deionized or artificially softened, it is slowed down. Processed water molecules travel at an average of 590 m/sec. So, filtered water, tap water, well water, reverse osmosis water, Smart Water®, alkalized water, artificially mineralized water or distilled water have been slowed down, have lost energy and are therefore incapable of maintaining the battery of the body at full charge. Processed waters are certainly sterilized, dechlorinated, defluoridated, and stripped of mineral salts, but processed waters are “flat” or “dead”, because speed, power and energy have been reduced, impairing the water’s ability to hydrate cells. Many people drinking processed waters say that they are drinking a lot of water throughout the day, but also making a lot of urine, if kidneys are functioning properly. This is because water having inadequate energy and electricity is not entering the cells and has to pass through and out of the body or a person will die of water overload. A person who is drinking “energized” or hydrating water drinks less water and makes a lot less urine. “Energized” water quickly gets into cells, is utilized efficiently, and recycled in such a way that less water consumption is required.

The foundation for optimal health is built on maintaining electricity, maintaining energy and maintaining an Exclusion Zone on the surface of every cell membrane. This allows free movement of nutrients in and waste out of the cell in a self-cleaning and self-sustaining, self-regenerating fashion. Because metabolic work inside the human body is constantly charging and discharging the battery and since human beings, and other living things for that matter, cannot and do not plug into an electrical socket on a regular basis throughout the day, a way must be found to continuously recharge. There are several practical ways to do this:

  1. Eliminate all non-water beverages.

  2. Take a walk outside for at least twenty minutes every day, during daylight hours, even if the sun is covered by clouds. Outdoor infrared exposure is a free and simple way to get recharged.

  3. Sing in the shower, in your car, on your walk, with your friends. Laugh out loud, as often as possible. Have a sound therapy session. Sound vibration in the audible spectrum recharges your battery.

  4. Eat for cell nourishment, which has been discussed in detail in previous articles. Eliminating chemicals, natural and otherwise, that become metabolic trash and produce blockage to blood flow and consuming foods that meet needs for cell nourishment, supports efficiency in cellular metabolism, ultimately requires less energy and reduces battery discharge in the first place. Eating scientifically supports an enzyme surplus and directly supports centripetal flow inside the body.

  5. Access water from an artesian well, at least 100 feet deep.

  6. Drink glacial melt water.

  7. Do not drink artificially softened water. Regardless of the system used, softening water leaves water with an abnormal mineral content, usually too much sodium or potassium, which produces an imbalance of electrolytes in the body and compromises biochemical reactions.

  8. Since #2 and #3 are helpful, but not enough to satisfy needs for continuous recharging and #5 and #6 are difficult to accomplish, vortex the water you drink. This can be done very simply by blending drinking water at low to medium speed in a glass blender for 2-3 minutes or, more effectively, by installing a plumbing fixture specifically designed to add vortex motion to water passing through under pressure. Using a vortex pipe not only increases the speed of the water, but aerates the water as well, supporting healthy microorganisms in the gut. In addition, applying a vortex force to chemical bonds of things like chloramines (NH2Cl) and fluoride (NaF), breaks them apart into nitrogen atoms, hydrogen atoms, sodium atoms and fluorine atoms, individual elements that are used by cells to maintain acid/base balance. The fluorine atom along with tin as an atom is necessary to mineralize teeth. (In fact, unless a person is adding iodized salt to the water in which food is being cooked, vortexing chloraminated water to release the chlorine element is an excellent way to assure adequate amounts of chlorine as an electrolyte are present inside cells to maintain acid/base balance.) Through the process of ionization chemistry then, without a filter, toxins in water are eliminated and nutrient elements are created. These same chemical principles function inside the human body. Supporting vortex flow inside and out keeps toxins, including chloramines, fluorides and heavy metals in a form which does not allow them to have any impact on cellular metabolism.

The best kind of drinking water is sterilized, low is dissolved solids, contains few or no contaminants, and has speed and therefore the power to drive electrochemical reaction inside the human body. As populations increased, people were removed from supplies of pure drinking water made by Mother Nature, distilled and purified by electricity in the air and then falling from the sky to be instilled with a balance of minerals from undisturbed soil. In modern society, industrialization has added all sorts of heavy mineral and chemical pollutants to the air and to the water supply, which reaches the consumer far removed from the source, at speeds incapable of sterilizing and detoxifying, which now must be accomplished in a water treatment facility, rather than by Nature herself. Water treatment of any kind, while important for water sterilization, water quality and water taste, removes vital energy from water, robbing it of the very qualities that are important for sustaining optimal health. Adding vortex force to water before it is consumed is a way to restore speed, vitality and hydrating capacity to drinking water.

Challenging long held principles about the properties of water is and has been met by stiff resistance in academic circles. Challenges to the prevailing wisdom about how water should or shouldn’t be processed has also met with stiff resistance in the court of public opinion, in large part because understanding the intricacies and nuances of water requires a background in chemistry, physics, electricity and electromagnetism, which most people lack. Discovery of EZ water, however, coupled with a simple understanding of the fundamental nature of life as electricity and E = H2O, allows a new vision and application of simple technologies in support of optimal human health. This allows life to be lived from a position of knowledge and power, not fear. Anyone who is sick, who wants better health or wants to be optimally healthy, must first and foremost consume water with a capacity to hydrate cells. It may take a scientist to understand the details, but it doesn’t take a scientist to have an experiment. Try vortex water for thirty days. See how you feel. Your cells will thank you.


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