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Shedding New Light on Thyroid Function, Energy Balance and Optimal Weight

Who doesn’t want energy to spare and a normal weight, with strong muscles and strong bones, without excess body fat, without hunger, without cravings and without effort? So much so that Americans spend upwards of $60 billion dollars every year on diet pills, weight loss supplements, gym memberships, diet foods and diet drinks. Another $750 million is spent on an annual basis for energy drinks. There are an estimated 100 million daily coffee drinkers spending $18 billion dollars per year on coffee and coffee drinks. For 65% of these coffee drinkers, a cup of coffee in the morning is an absolute necessity to get up and get moving and to be more productive at work. With all the resources devoted to having energy and a normal weight, why are Americans tired all the time and always struggling with weight issues? Because diet pills, diet foods, diet drinks, energy drinks, gym memberships and stimulants are not addressing the root cause of the problem. Why continue to walk down a path with the same ruts, falling into the same holes and coming out on the other side, often bruised and battered with a 5% long term success rate? For the solution, go deep within operational system of the human body, know what creates the conditions under which the machinery of the cells function optimally and then implement the changes necessary to create these conditions. When the human body is programmed correctly by the user, optimal daily energy and optimal weight is achieved. Proper programming is not about diet or nutrition, but about cell nourishment. Be forewarned, there is effort involved and there is a major shift in thinking required. Be motivated and encouraged, however, because when optimal conditions are met for efficient cell function, the process becomes self-sustaining, self-fulfilling and more and more effortless.

Most people know that energy is required to get through the day, but don’t quite know how energy is produced and how to get more of it, resorting to things like caffeine, chocolate, sugar and/or carbohydrates to keep going. This kind of behavior may or may not meet an immediate need for energy, ultimately producing no long term benefit at the expense of further whipping a dead horse. People understand the need to eat to live, but beyond that most are lost as to what has to been done to properly care for and nourish the human body. Having energy and maintaining an optimal weight is not about sound bites and vines, but attention to a lot of details, which is more than worth the effort.

Ultimately all energy running planet Earth comes from the sun. The entire ecosystem is designed to exchange the sun’s energy between all living organisms. The sun, through nuclear fusion, produces heat and light, which is used by plants to make chemical structures holding energy and nutrients. By eating plants or animals that eat the plants, human beings take in energy and nutrients stored by the plant in chemical structures. Accessing energy from plants or animals is a complicated biochemical process, but suffice it to say that in order to get energy from food, there must be energy present inside the cells. It therefore takes energy from within the human body to get the sun’s energy from the plant or the animal that ate the plant. This energy comes from enzymes and is called implosion energy. Implosion energy is generated by the movement of atoms inside the cell. Implosion energy is atomic energy. As long as enzymes are present in adequate amounts, implosion is self-generating and self-sustaining, just like a hurricane or a tornado. Implosion is consolidating, it is accelerating, it is frictionless and it is SILENCE, the eye of the storm. (Figure 1) This type of system generates a lot of power and a lot of energy. This is how nature sustains itself. It is enzymes, therefore, that are critical to maintaining energy in the body. Without enzymes and implosion energy, life as we know it does not happen or exist.

Figure 1

The opposite of implosion energy is explosion energy. Explosion energy runs the system that links and unlinks boxes on the conveyor belts of the machinery to either build things like hormones, neurotransmitters, new bones, new muscles, new hair and new skin for example, or to recycle these same things and remake them over and over again. Explosion is disintegrating, destructive and friction inducing. Explosion produces heat and NOISE! (Figure 1). Explosion energy is the fire of metabolism, driven by the combustion of oxygen and carbon fuels in the mitochondria of the cells. Doing things, like processing food, keeping blood sugar levels stable during and between meals, thinking, breathing, feeling, digesting, sleeping and exercise are types of work sustained on a daily basis by explosion inside the body. Explosion is important, just not too much!

Explosion energy supports cell metabolism and cell regeneration, but it is not the switch that turns the body on. It is implosion energy in the human body that is responsible for the experience of having sustained energy for all activities in a 24 hour day. Doing things, like eating food, dieting and/or exercise, all explosive work, does not maintain energy in the body. In fact, too much food, too much dieting and too much exercise drains energy from the body. Thinking that sustained energy comes from food, beverage, exercise, prescription and non-prescription medication and herbs or supplements has no scientific merit. Instead, sustained energy is achieved by energy balance, eating the least amount of food required to meet needs for essential nutrients every meal of every day, moderate exercise to support bone and muscle strength and, most importantly, eating for an enzyme surplus, also known as scientific eating.

Life in a human body is a dance between implosive and explosive energy. The switch has to be turned on (implosion) and the conveyor belt has to run (explosion) under the right conditions to manufacture, dispose of waste and recycle the millions of substances produced every day inside each of the 70 trillion cells of the human body. For the system to work properly, these two energies must be balanced, ideally more implosion than explosion, which supports re inventory and repair, especially of the DNA. Energy balance is the key to sustained energy from within, a feeling of continuous, unwavering “humming” and a sense of being “switched on” all the time. If a person is going and being and doing explosive work for fourteen, fifteen or sixteen hours per day, like most Americans, there are only eight, nine or ten hours a day for implosion. At the end of every day like this, there is an inventory deficit because there just hasn’t been enough time to rest and restock. And where there is an inventory deficit, there are fewer and fewer cells to do the same amount of work, there are nutrient deficiencies, hormone deficiencies, failures of a body system or systems and trash accumulation inside the cells, also known as plaque, concretions, hardening or calcifications. Ultimately, the system collapses, just like any organization with fewer and fewer people doing more and more work. Is it any wonder then, that most Americans, who are not eating for cell nourishment, suffer with hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, urinary tract issues, fertility issues, skin disorders, weight problems, hair loss, cognitive impairment, behavior disorders, liver issues, joint issues, pancreas issues, adrenal issues, immune dysfunction, fatigue or chronic pain? All of these issues arise from an enzyme deficit, which results from an energy deficit, because it is impossible to be making enzymes for any more hours a day more than those left over after subtracting from 24 the number of hours per day spent in explosive work.

Whenever there is an issue with hair loss, fatigue, or weight, the thyroid gland is suspect. Why, because the thyroid gland is in charge of regulating “metabolism”. The thyroid system is responsible for directing how dietary fats, oils, proteins, starches and sugars are delivered to and used by each cell in the manufacturing process. Metabolism determines if stored fat is used to stoke the furnace of the mitochondria. Metabolism determines how well cells regrow, which is reflected in the health of the hair, skin and nails. The thyroid gland is under the control of a signal from the brain called TSH, thyroid stimulating hormone. The brain, however, is responding to quality control signals coming from the cell. So it is the cells in all organ systems, not just the thyroid gland, in charge of metabolism. When the cells are struggling with not enough energy and not enough raw materials to support their work, calling the brain is the recourse. The brain responds by sending the TSH signal to the thyroid gland, which responds by making the thyroid hormones, tetraiodothyronine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). The thyroid gland cannot make thyroid hormone, however, without its own enzyme system and without iodine and tyrosine, which is dependent on enzymes in mouth cells, stomach cells, pancreas cell, adrenal cells, small intestine cells, liver cells and most importantly, in brain cells, which determines what foods are chosen and how foods are prepared and delivered into the body in the first place.

All cells are interconnected. All cells are dependent on each other and adjusting relative to each other all the time. Connecting the dots, it can clearly be seen that if the there is a thyroid issue, there is a liver issue, a pancreas issue, a small intestinal issue, an adrenal issue and a brain issue. When cells are depleted of energy and resources and calling for help, the production line is stalled in all cells, leaving unprocessed organic material on the factory floor to burn up and dry out, jamming the machinery, including the thyroid gland. The material jammed in production is solid waste, like dirty engine oil, blocking the manufacturing machinery and blood and nutrient flow to the cells themselves. Speeding up the conveyor belt of the cell machinery with thyroid hormone, which is explosive stimulation, solves a short term problem, but does not deal with the solid waste jamming the factory floor. This is the reason why hormone production slows down in the first place. This is why problems with the thyroid result in swollen, nodular, sometimes cancerous glands that are on fire, eventually burning out because the root cause of the problem in energy imbalance and energy deficit has not been addressed.

Problems with the thyroid gland or any other organ system in the body arise from an energy deficit, which creates an enzyme deficit, which creates a deficit in nutrients and all products of cell metabolism. Looks are very deceiving, because not only does a person who carries extra weight but also a person who is thin and looks good has a thyroid problem and an energy deficit. (Figure 2) Addressing issues related to all aspects of thyroid function, including T4, T3 and calcitonin is required to support a struggling system, but taking hormone preparations does not address the root cause of the problem. And, taking thyroid hormone often does not achieve the intended results or the dosage has to be continually increased or adjusted to achieve the same results. Ultimately, thyroid hormone alone is inadequate to address multitudes of issues related to solid waste accumulation in cells. Nutrient deficiencies, hormone deficiencies and organ system dysfunction are only corrected by restoring energy balance and removing trash that builds up when energy reserves are low.

First and foremost, maintaining energy balance requires eating for an enzyme surplus. This means avoiding foods containing chemicals that cannot be used or processed by the human body and preparing foods in such a way for water and heat of the stove or oven to reduce food closest to nutrient elements before it even goes in the mouth. Eating for an enzyme surplus assures an adequate amount of enzymes to keep cell machinery running at the speed of light and continuously generate atomic energy which keeps the enzymes operational. Eating for an enzyme surplus means eating meals less frequently, with 5-6 hours of rest between feedings of any kind. This reduces the amount of time the cells spend in explosive work and increases the time spent in implosion and regeneration, even during waking hours, thereby balancing 24 hours days for an energy surplus. Secondly, walking at a brisk pace for 30-45 minutes per day with the mouth closed will stimulate muscle and bone growth, without overheating. Keeping the mouth closed at all times, especially during physical activity, exercises one of the largest, most forgotten muscles in the body; the diaphragm. Strengthening the diaphragm increases oxygen delivery and improves the efficiency of explosive metabolism, thereby reducing trash accumulation inside the cells. Lastly, once metabolic waste becomes solidified into calcifications, gravel and concretions, the only way to get it out is by the using an equal an opposite chemical force, which is created uniquely by homoeopathic medicines, medicines which are drugs by law under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1921.

Implementing the changes described in this article creates the conditions under which human cells are properly nourished. When cells are properly nourished, weight and strength is maintained effortlessly, without cravings and without destructive under-eating or over-eating. Cell nourishment allows for the proper balance of implosion and explosion energy, sustains continuous production of the proper type and amounts of hormones, neurotransmitters and structural elements and provides for continuous cell growth and repair, including repair and maintenance of genetic information in the DNA. Maintaining energy balance is the primary requirement for optimal health and healthy longevity. Implement these changes now. Don’t wait. Postponing these changes makes reversal of the disease process more and more difficult. Eventually, at a time unique to each person's life, change becomes impossible as the cells have lost too much reserve to ever be restored to proper function.

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