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        Acid-Base Chemistry creates Heat and Salt         


"Remember Man that thou art Dust and to Dust thou Shalt Return"  


Many times over several years, I was taught that "inflammation" is the root cause of disease.  Address the inflammation with anti-inflammatory foods or medicines, or supplement with lots of antioxidants, I was told, and problem solved. Inflammation was taught as the trigger and mediator of disease, as if inflammation was the root cause of disease.  Even inflammation, however, has a "root cause".  


Biochemistry and basic chemistry demonstrate the source of inflammation in the spontaneous combustion of fats and sugars taking place in the furnace of cells, called a mitochondria. Cells are literally continuously "in flames" to produce the energy that drive the quadrillions of chemical reactions taking place inside your body every second. Fire and heat have to be created in the body to live.  Too much fire, however, is destructive to the organic matter of which you are made.  Fire IS "INFLAMMATION". Too much Fire dries the cells out and dries the body out.  A dry body is not a functional body.  More than 90% of the patients I see are dry and dehydrated.    

Fire in the cells is the reason for your body heat, which is really only a waste product of all the chemical reactions in your body.  Chemical reactions in the body actually occur at much higher temperature, but because of the Laws of Thermodynamics, you experience a temperature of just 98.6° Fahrenheit. Fire is the reason why, in the photograph shown here of a nerve cell, yellow, orange and red are seen in the combusting mitochondrion.  


Why are chemical reactions required? Chemical reactions are required to maintain balance (homœostasis) in a system that requires energy to maintain itself, mainly energy in the form of fossil fuel we call food.  Food is organic matter that burns just like wood.  The combustion of foods creates energy, but it also creates ash, just as the burning of human skin or human remains creates ash, the mineral dust from which a human body is formed and that to which it will return.   

   Mineral Ash  Remaing after 1800°F Cremation

Nature created enzymes to clean up the ash of metabolism, as human beings don't have an opening to simply sweep the burned organic debris away.  Because of the Laws of Thermodyamics, however, enzyme supply is limited and quickly depleted if there is too much fire created by physiologic "STRESS", which is the total amount of work you must do to live and breathe and walk and talk every day.  Most people think that stress is strictly mental or emotional, but the fact is that The most "STRESS" you are under every day is the work of processing food, whether you are burning calories eating and digesting food, burning calories converting food energy into glucose to keep all cells alive, or burning calories with exercise.  If the production of waste exceeds the ability to clean up, particulate "ash" collects inside cells and gums up the machinery, causing depletion of hormones and other products of cell metabolism, like hair, skin and nails. 

The key to optimal health, is not anti-oxidants or superfoods, but instead not burning a raging fire in the first place.  Excess fire and excess heat creates excess ash that becomes stuck in the cells, blocking production and waste disposal lines. EATING FOR CELL NOURISHMENT allows an adequate fire for living, but not the raging fire of destruction and disease.

Besides fire produced by mitochondria, another source of inflammation is the hundreds of thousands of acid-base chemical reactions required to maintain a stable pH in all cells.  As you will see by watching the acid-base video here on this page, near the 2:00 mark, acid-base reactions produce enough heat to boil water and create steam.  Acid-base chemical reactions also produce various mineral salts, including sodium salts, potassium salts, magnesium salts, phosphorous salts, etc.   



Inflammation is reduced by minimizing the amount of  acid-base chemistry your cells have to do.  It is far better not to create the inflammation in the first place, as opposed to trying to mitigate the damage.


If you are eating foods that are either too acidic or too basic, your cells are having to do too much acid-base chemistry to maintain a neutral pH, thereby too much heat and too much salt is produced.  The solid crystal salt particles that result, become trapped in the trillons of nanometer-sized capillary openings bringing nutrients directly into the cells.  Too much acid-base chemistry, therefore, destroys function at a cellular level.


In addtion, enzymes also work in a very narrow range of pH, somewhere between 6.5 and 7.3.  If you are eating foods that are either too acidic or too alkaline, enzymes are destroyed, which also destroys the function of your cells.  Cells that do not have enzymes and cells that do not have a continuous supply of blood are cells that are dried out and weak.  Weak cells do not support optimal health.  In fact, weak cells create disease.  

Burning too many calories, creating too much fire and producing too much salt inside your body is the root cause of disease!  Healthy eating and healthy living designed to burn the fewest calories necessary and create the least amount of salt, while maintaining strength of body and mind!  No one who consumes excess calories or over-exercises will be optimally healthy.  No one whose mind is constantly on overload will be optimally healthy.  No one who is in a constant state of emotional turmoil will be optimally healthy. Optimal health is about balance in everything; not too much and not too little. 

"Eating for Your Biochemistry" and "Eating for Cell Nourishment", are the keys to your optimal health. Even though this may seem strange or difficult at first and even contrary to popular belief, as with anything new, once learned and incorporated into a daily practice, it is not difficult at all.  In the process you will learn:




If you would like more information and/or instruction while I complete the writing of these two guides, please make an appointment to see me.

Foundational Medicine Essentials

Optimize "Cell Nourishment"

a fire burns inside  your cells

(numerous mitochondria  in a nerve cell)

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