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Foundational Medicine

Underneath the complexity of Life, ancient scholars recognized an essential nature in all things.  Dating several thousand years B.C., a system of five elements is found in the Vedas, especially Ayurveda, and includes bhūmi (Earth), ap or jala (Water), tejas or agni (Fire), marut, vaye or pavan (Air or Wind) and vyom or shunya or akash (Ether or Void).  These same elements are used in the teachings of Ancient Greece to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances.  Out of ether comes the cosmic wind, which makes fire, which makes earth and water. The five elements are the fundamental, foundational pillars on which Life is built and by which Life is maintained.  Wise men throughout the ages have recognized that balancing these five elements is essential to optimal health.
As I studied the history of Medicine and gained experience in my own practice over the past thirty-five years, I have come to understand that these ancient teachings have modern application.  With the discovery of the periodic chart of elements, an understanding of basic chemistry and biochemistry, the development of chromatography, Raman Spectroscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy and Quantum Physics, we now have the knowledge to more fully align with our Nature, which is to live well in a disease-free body.  For me this wealth of knowledge, which I have had the privilege to be given and to understand, coalesces into fundamental principles, which I call FOUNDATIONAL MEDICINE™.  
The main goal of my practice is to restore cell function, allowing you to live your life as an integrated whole, with the greatest flexibility and the greatest freedom of movement. Cells do not run on supplements. Cells function because they are self contained, self-regulating, self-sustaining and  self-renewing under the proper conditions.  This requires you to have  a daily practice designed to fortify and nurture your elemental nature, the foundation on which you and your cells are built.
To do this I recommend for everyone to engage specific breathing techniques to balance air, eat for cell nourishment to balance fire, drink vortex water to balance water, and supplement with fulvic acid to balance earth.  Everyone can benefit from these recommendations, although I do use fulvic acid cautiously in those patients with generalized debility and/or chronic issues, especially those with multiple food and chemical sensitivities. 
At times I recommend bio-identical hormone therapy and/or supplemental support designed to give cells and organ systems the raw material molecules needed for production of enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, structural proteins, stored fuel and, importantly, new cells.
Then, if needed, I recommend homœopathic medicine to balance ether, the electrical system of the body.  For when there is any DIS-EASE, electricity has stopped flowing smoothly, requiring compensation in still functional cell and organ systems to pick up the slack and attempt to restore the circuits. When there is established debility, especially of a chronic nature, I have found homœopathic medicine to be necessary and invaluable support.  
FOUNDATIONAL MEDICINE™ addresses all disease and dysfunction at the root cause in imbalances in your elemental nature.  Rebuilding has to start from the bottom up, from the foundation.  For further information or to make an appointment to discuss your individual concerns, please call the office.  If you do make an appointment, we ask that you complete the New Patient Questionnaire and review the Office Policies and Procedures below.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
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New Patient Questionnaire
Foundational Medicine Essentials

  • Breathe through your Nose

  • Strengthen your Inhale, Fully Exhale and Slow your Rate of Breathing

  • Walk outside at a Brisk Pace from 20-60 minutes a day, keeping you mouth closed.  Avoid the hours of the sun's greatest intensity

  • Drink Vortex Water

  • Supplement with Fulvic Acid on a daily basis

  • Eat for Cell Nourishment

  • Commit to the Best You Can Be in Each Moment

  • Be Infinitely Flexible in the face of constant change.  

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