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My Story


Prior to studying for surgical boards around 40 years of age, I thought nutrition and basic science were something that only applied to my patients.  However, as I made the connection between food and my biochemistry, I became profoundly aware that what and how I was eating had a major impact on how I functioned: emotionally mentally, physically and spiritually.  When I ate according to the principles of biochemistry, I felt COMPLETELY different, no longer struggling with continuous cravings, yo-yo dieting, fatigue, frustration and, at times, complete anguish and despair.

This experience led from the private practice of Pediatric Surgery to a consultative practice in Functional Medicine, with a focus on teaching patients how to stabilize blood sugar and meet needs for essential nutrient by balancing protein, carbohydrate and fats calories at each meal and/or snack.  In addition, I recommended a daily intake of equal amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 polyunsaturated fats (which human cells cannot produce) to supply the raw materials needed to construct and maintain a properly functioning cell membrane (Phospholipid bilayer in the figure below) and to supplement with the 8 simple sugars needed by the cell to construct receptor sites on the cell membrane (Glycoprotein in the figure below) which are used to call for and receive the  nutrients required for proper cell function.  With Functional Medicine, I went from the anatomy I could see as a surgeon to the anatomy of a cell, visible only with a microscope. 

Human Cell Membrane

While the rules of biochemistry and the aforementioned recommendations still apply today, there was even further for me to go as I moved from cell biology and biochemistry to what I call Foundational Medicine™, understanding that there are fundamental, foundational principles on which all life depends, whether plant, animal, human or microorganism. These principles are "science-based" and "evidence-based" and come from the fields of mathematics, electricity, electromagnetism, chemistry, physics and quantum physics.  Whether or not you are familiar with these disciplines or the terminology used, you can learn and apply "basic science" in your daily life to support optimal function of your body, as countless of my patients have already done.  After all, your life is SCIENCE IN ACTION!


What and how you eat and drink plays a HUGE role in how you think and feel every day.  What and how you eat and drink determines how you will age and also determines, in large part, what DISEASE(S) you will face in your lifetime.  


In order for eating to be healthy, it has to translate into cell nourishment.  If you are willing to accept this and open to the possibility that you can do better, feel better and live better, the information presented on this website and in consultation with me will teach you a new way of thinking and doing relative to taking care of yourself and assist you in making positive changes in your life.  All that is required is a decision to change and a decision to try, one step at a time. 


Please enjoy this website.  I had a lot of fun creating it! ☺️ I look forward to working with you!


Private Practice, The Wanek Medical Center 1998 – Present

Greensboro, North Carolina


Certified - Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice 1999

Institute for Functional Medicine 

Gig Harbor, Washington (ACCME accredited)


Private, Practice Piedmont Surgeons for Children 1989-1998

Greensboro, North Carolina


Certified - American Board of Surgery 1988 – 2008


General Pediatric Surgery Fellowship 1988-1989

University of Colorado Medical Center Denver, Colorado


Pediatric Liver Transplantation Fellowship 1987-1988

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Dallas, Texas


General Surgery Residency 1982-1987

Henry Ford Hospital  Detroit, Michigan


Medical Doctor 1982 

Creighton University School of Medicine  

Omaha, Nebraska


BS Chemistry 1978

Creighton University

Omaha, Nebraska


Valedictorian, Class of 1974

Marian High School

Omaha, Nebraska


Daughter of

Frank William Wanek, MD and Mary Lucille McGuire, BSN


Sister to

John Francis, BS Pharm, Mary Margaret, JD,

Theresa Lucille, JD and James William, BS Eng

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