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"Nothing tastes as good as cell nourishment feels"

Meet Dr. Wanek


I have always been curious, wanting to know who, what, when, where, why, and how, especially as related to function of the human body.  I have made getting answers to these questions my life's work.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and a Medical Degree.  I have training and practice in General Surgery, Pediatric Liver Transplantation, Pediatric Surgery, Functional Medicine and Homœopathy, both Classical and Clinical.  

Principles and Practice


Optimal health and being healthy is not about superfoods, antioxidants and supplements.  Optimal health is knowing and applying fundamental, science-based principles on which life as a human being depends.

Medical Consultation


My aim is to help you understand the root cause of disease in dehydration of cells and imbalances in the acid-base chemistry and electrical system that runs your body. These imbalances are caused by the type of water you drink, when, what and how you eat, whether organic or non-organic, the supplements you do or do not take and the strength of your lungs, your heart, your brain, your bones, your kidneys, your muscles, your organs, your mind, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, your cells! 


Being healthy is a daily practice.  The purpose of this website is to to teach you simple and effective tools to develop a daily routine for CARE of YOUR HEALTH, which only you can provide.  There is no magic pill here, only knowledge, which is your POWER TO make a CHANGE!

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