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Kitchen Vortex Water Revitalizer

Kitchen Vortex Water Revitalizer


Perfect for people living in apartments or rented homes because simple installation onto standard plumbing fixtures.  It installs directly to a standard kitchen tap via a female connenction.  It is non-permanent, leaving no marks or damage to your fixtures.  The Kitchen Vortex Water Revitalizer can be removed when vacating rental property.  If you have a pullout kitchen faucet, you will need a pullout faucet adapter.  


60-Day Money Back Guarantee with a few restrictions. 10-Year Limited Warranty on Materials.


Try it out risk free today! This product is Made in Canada.

Installs on Standard kitchen faucet fittings.  Will not attach to most pull-out aprayers, unless there is a removable aerator.  If you have questions about installation, please contact us by phone or for further information.  A picture of your intended installation is helpful.

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