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April 11, 2017

     Your body is part of an interconnected whole.  You are endowed with the ability to think, to feel, to hear, to see, to taste, to smell, to touch, to love, to laugh and to connect with the world an others around you.  The human body is the highest expression of Natures' creation.  Its function is nothing short of miraculous.  Your body is an expression of who you are, a complete package of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

     Please enjoy Walt Whitman's exquisite verse, written in 1855, on the Sacred Nature of body & soul, the truth of who you are.  With his words, Walt Whitman connects you back to that which you know, but also that which is often overlooked in a world filled with "technologic" advance.  Optimal health relies on your DIRECT EXPERIENCE, the true teacher.  Your direct experience is your DIRECT CONNECTION to the SACRED.   

Walt Whitman, 1855

I sing the body electric, 

The armies of those I love engirth me and...

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"I Sing the Body Electric"

April 11, 2017

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