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July 12, 2014

     Information abounds on how to live a healthy life.  Advice columns, recipes, scientific studies, testimonies, print articles, affirmations, advertisements and anecdotes flood the senses and sensibilities of everyday life.  The information is often confusing and conflicting.  And it is not uncommon for information revealed years or even months earlier to be contradicted by the next discovery. What is a person to think or do?  Pondering this question through the lens of human history is a good place to start. 

     Human beings have never been healthy.   From the beginning of time, humans have had to carve out an existence under extremely harsh and dangerous conditions.  Scavenging and foraging was part of day to day life.  Prehistoric man was short in stature, infertile and not alive for very long, often dying in the first year of life.  It is well documented that the discovery of fire allowed humans to become more fertile, grow taller, have b...

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April 11, 2017

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